The Real First Post

This is really the introductory post. This helps you to understand what exactly you can expect from this blog.

Being an organist, a musician really, I am virtually as well as literally inclined to talk about music. I won’t just talk about music, but I will talk in music. Why use that preposition? Well, it is more about what kind of talking I would be doing normally. You will see anything from posting excellent (or not so excellent) recordings including good interpretations. I might also rush you with a bit of subliminal advertisement of my own playing (assuming I am satisfied enough with the recording) to gain more exposure. I will also provide commentary on said works and perhaps critique or rave them.

I will also want to talk about theory, composition, and the like, simply because it is something that I don’t believe is talked about enough. It’s kind of like a modern art museum – No body is willing to say something sucks. When it comes to composition, there is such thing as “stinky” composition. Bad music theory is not the only issue that lends itself to this problem; it’s also the lack of desire to get better with music. Dare I say, too individualistic?

This talk about composition lends itself to a discussion of aesthetics. Is it possible to just say, “All music is beautiful?” Well, no. You can’t. I have a reason for that. Hopefully you will be interested enough to read later posts (I don’t want to give away the keys to the sweet shop).

You really can’t talk about aesthetics without discussing the foundation of aesthetics – Truth. In order to have a picture of beauty, you must know what isn’t beauty. That requires the presumptuous presumption to assert truly horrendous moral values… I mean you have to be bold enough to assert Truth. So, from where I stand, the best place to talk about this is with Theology.

Not all Theologically inclined posts will pertain to the aesthetics of music. You can count on it being that way… But hopefully I can expose you to perspectives in theological circles that will stir your curiosity, or your pallet.

Finally, if you think I’m decent enough to respond to something, feel free to send me links of things you would want my opinion about (not that I deserve that kind of attention). Look out! Here I come!