But Why Such Infant Means As This?

My attempt at another Christmas Carol for 2016 (I started back in 2013) is called “But Why Such Infant Means As This?” dedicated to a dear friend of mine (he’ll know because the tune name is based on his favorite Greek New Testament word).

Here are the words, as well as a link to a few verses of playing it. https://soundcloud.com/joshua-nichols-5/but-why-such-infant-means-as-this

This dark reality we know,
By our first Adam, we would grow
Till God slay sin and darkness’ blight
Through infant means that star-filled night

But why? Such infant means as this
Would such a God bestow this bliss?
That Kingly crown and awesome reign
come to us through the cloth and hay?

A boy, though curious we inquire
Does not behave a common liar,
Instead is counted beyond wise
And Peace unbound to him he finds (Ref.)

“His treason!” those with selfish fools
Denounce this man with blameless rules
Yet only he his need to keep
Eternal life his role proved deep (Ref.)

So blameless he who truly was
Begotten long before us ’cause
The Father God knew well for life
His only Son, the Christ, must strive (Ref.)

Rejoice! Rejoice! Oh humble man,
For this the’eternal Father’s plan:
To Raise his only son once child,
Now Glorious King, us reconciled! (Ref.)


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