Bible Study


So, here’s a whack at what I would say is so important to these verses. I try very hard with Proverbs to take things in context; but there isn’t much to go on anyway. So, take a gander, let me know what you think in the comments. Just in case you didn’t know, all references are in Proverbs.

  1. Fellowship ≠ Lavish Parties ::  17.1
  2. The fires of life are not like house fires, they are like crucibles and furnaces for Silver and Gold :: Prov. 17.3
  3. Government aid programs are an insult to the poor :: 17.5
  4. Fathers are responsible for the glory (or lack thereof) in their children; otherwise how they turn out :: 17.6b
  5. Bribes are like magic stones (or magic lamp?) in the eyes of the bribed; no wonder there is so much corruption :: 17.8
  6. Seek to deepen your understanding of things through rebuke; make sure you aren’t a fool (not that you could help it) :: 17.10
  7. It’s important to be in the right places :: 17.12
  8. This is why money in the hands of a homeless person is NOT good (also refers to people who think they can buy their wisdom through education) :: 17.16
  9. A joyful heart = Wet Bones :: 17.21
  10. Also related to bribes and fools – You are even more of a fool for accepting bribes in secret to pervert justice… interesting… what do you call whitewash bribery? (Hint: It isn’t congress…) :: 17.23,24
  11. Though I fool cannot see very well, even if they don’t know it, they have set their sights on the destruction of the earth :: 17.24b
  12. Italians are not exempt from unrestrained, hot-and-bothered, speech :: 17.27,28
  13. FYI, fools look good when they are quiet :: 17.28b

Hope you enjoyed!


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